Wong (black)

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  • Model: CDFP06
  • Shipping Weight: 300g

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*environmental resin .
*Doll-eyes: 12mm random colour
*Includes: a Wong , a pair of glass eyes, a CD's card-box.
*Can be shipped within 20 days. make-up needs one more week.

1.50 limited this year round.
2.No eggshell this version.a CD's card-box instead.
3.If you want an angel or devil cat,please choose "add magnet "service ,and purchase the items you need in "CD Resinic accesorries -wings".
The "angel wings" , "devil wings" are fit for the Wongs. A halo (or a devil tail-tips) will accompany the angel wings(or devil wings).
4. Due to the color features, the visual effect of make up for black Wong may be not better than white Wong.

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