- About invoice and value
An invoice is necessary for the shipment. We usually give lower values on the invoice for smooth customs clearance in destination country.
There is no problem most of the time; if you do not want so, please remark in your order.

-about "there is no order while payment is finished"
The purchase step in our system is: items into shopping cart -> payment is made -> order is created for paid items.
So please wait until the page of "Order confirmation" appears and confirm your order. Do not close the page as soon as the payment is finished.
In case of "there is no order while payment is finished", please click "Contact Us" above.

-about "SOLD OUT":
1. Items (off sell) will be restocked in 30~90 days.
2. Items (shown without price) will not be restocked.

-about "C.D.Resinic Accessories":
A sketch (click here) for the guests who would like to see .