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Caprilla can lash the tail round a branch and will not fall without support

Visual effect of black and purple Caprilla in natural light

Caprilla in an adult's hand

There are 31 stars in Capricornus which have a magnitude of 5.5 or above. We choose 9 of them for the representative large triangle. The 9 stars are shown in the photo below.
If you want less stars, please remark in order. For exmaple, "I want to remove No.3 and No.5".
Additional stars (even if only one) cost $5.
We do not offer stars more than 9.
Holes must be drilled to stick the stars (man-made diamonds).

* Height: 13cm (5.1 inch)(photo for reference)
* Net weight: 80g (2.8oz)
* Gross weight: 400g (0.88lb)
* Doll-eyes: 16mm, random colour
* Contents: a Caprilla, a pair of glass eyes, a cardbox
* Expected delivery time: 20 working days

1. There may be slight difference in the make-up effect between real item and photo.
2. There may be risk that make-up can be partly scratched during customs inspection or under other situations.
3. Age graded: 14 years and up.
4. 50 pieces limited.
5. Glass eyes of 18mm (semisphere only) are also suitable.

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