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Shigandang is a pet role in JX Online 3.
JX Online 3 is a 3D martial arts MMORPG which is developed by Xishanju and operated by Kingsoft.
The game shows a virtual world of Tang Dynasty in China and is nominated for "Best Chinese game in 2017" by TGA. Homepage(Chinese only):
This Shigandang is not a official product of JX Online 3, but the license of fan works is open to all.
Our designer wants to make the items which she likes very much and sell a small quantity for development costs.
Here are her heroine and her Shigandang pet.

* Height: 8cm (not including the sheep)
* Net weight: 260g (including a musicbox inside)
* Gross weight: 600g
* Contents: a Shigandang (including all items in photos), stickers, a cardbox
* Expected delivery time: 20 working days

1. There may be slight difference in the make-up effect between real item and photo.
2. There may be risk that make-up can be partly scratched during customs inspection or under other situations.
3. Age graded: 14 years and up.
4. 50 pieces limited.
5. This item is handmade. There may be small blemishes.