CDL body 2.7 ver


  • Model: CDLBV2.7
  • Shipping Weight: 3500g

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Tall :61(63)cm

Circumference of head :22 cm
Circumference of neck :10.5 cm
Circumference of chest :24.5 cm
Circumference of waist :20 cm
Circumference of hip:25 cm
Width of shoulders :11 cm
Lenth of back :13 cm
Lenth of "from shoulder to wrist":18 cm
Lenth of "from hips to ankle":32(34) cm
Foot size :7.5 cm

CDL body 2.0ver is made of environmental resin.
normal skin (pink),double joint.

*Includes: a CDL body , 2 cushions and 1 CD'S box.
*Can be shipped after 20~45 days.

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